Eclectic Sparks are:







Eclectic Sparks... It looks like acoustic folk but be ready for a surprise. Kev sings and strums, Soph plays fiddle, there's Patrick on bass - but no gentle folk songs here. They play Muddy Waters, or Duke Ellington, or Dave Brubeck, or Fats Waller, or rock covers. A lot of what they play is self-penned, interesting songs, but with jazz  and blues improvisation and a country flavour.


There are three singers, so lots of variety, and harmony. Lack of percussion (most of the time - they sometimes add drummer Al) means they all play rhythm - like Django's Hot Club - and Patrick holds it all together with his jazz-rock bass. (And what is that instrument that Richard plays? It's a mandolin, but with only 4 strings...) Prepare to be puzzled, and amazed…

Kevin Hicks - vocal, guitar

Patrick Gilligan - bass

Sophie Gilligan - vocal, violin

Richard Clay - vocal, mandolin, guitar